About Lalligrass

Lalligrass is a translation of the Nepali word for Rhododendron, the national flower of Nepal.

Our aim is to bring the arts and crafts of the Himalayas to the UK, so that our customers can have some of these wonderful objects in their own home. The pieces we make available have deep religious or cultural value, but they are also beautiful in their own right.

They bring something very special to a home. Each item is unique and is made and produced by artists and artisans in the Himalayas. Most objects are hand made and all are wonderfully crafted.

We are a family business. One of the directors, Jay, lives in the foothills of the Himalayas with his Nepali wife Rama. Many of our suppliers are good friends of Jay and Rama, such as the Tibetan refugees who produce our hand made rugs and Dinesh who teaches deaf Nepalis to make beautiful pashminas.

We are very conscious of our responsibilities to our producers, especially as some of them are charitable organisations. We make sure that they receive a good price for their hard work and we are always on the lookout for worthwhile charitable groups and small family workshops to support.

If you buy one of our objects you will own something very special: a display piece that has been made in the Himalayas by artists and expert crafts people using traditional methods.