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Turquoise Stone Set Hanuman


A large brass cast of Lord Hanuman. This beautiful brass statue is set with turquoise, lapis and red coral and was hand made in Nepal

Hanuman is popularly associated with the great Hindu epic the Ramayana, where he fights the demon king Ravana to free Sita. He is an ardent devotee of lord Rama and the quintessential yogi having perfect mastery of mind and body through a disciplined life style and selfless devotion, giving him the ability to shrink to the size of a mouse or grow to the size of a mountain. He is seen as the perfect Brahmachari (one who follows the path of lord Brahma).

The statue is 36cm high, 21cm in length and 9cm deep

The weight of the statue is 5.5kgs

  • Size:One Size
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